Members from the Durango Amateur Radio Club volunteer at several events in the Durango area.

We serve as volunteers for these events in order to provide primary/backup communication for the event organizers.

If you aren’t already a Ham, fear not! We are happy to have anyone at these events and enjoy the extra help. Some of the aid stations we attend involve backpacking to a location, so we are always thankful for an extra hand. ┬áMost of the aid stations can be driven to, so if hiking isn’t your thing you can still be a part of the FUN!

Under each event page you will find details and contact info if you would like to get involved.

We intend to hold a few Fox Hunt events during the summertime in conjunction with a picnic/potluck.


Our Secretary, Zach, KE0KED at the Pole Creek aid station recording runner info for the Hardrock 100 ultra marathon. This station requires backpacking all of your gear up a 4 mile trail.