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QRZ Callsign Lookup

ARRL The league for Amateur Radio

Weak Signal Propagation Net See real time propagation.

Reverse Beacon Network -See how far your signal is getting out.

AmSat -Amateur Satellite Ops.

WebSDR – No HF Radio? No problem, listen live on these tuners.

Shortwave Listening -Shortwave listening resources. -Automatic Packet Reporting System

Contesting FAQ -Put your operating ability to the test.

Contest Calendar

Ethics and Operating Procedures -A good place to start your journey as a Ham.

Intro to Antenna Theory

HamStudy -Study for your ham exam for free.

AllAboutCircuits -A great electrical theory resource.

All about Baluns -Match that antenna!

Coaxial Connector Guide

Packet Radio Guide

US Navy Electrical Manual -If you’d really like to get deep in the weeds.


The team moving batteries to our Eagle Pass Repeater site: