Amateur Events

2019 Eagle Pass Images by David Torres

September 8, 2018_Eagle Pass Repeater Site Work

Ben McGaha:  Great job to all that helped. I am sure it was a relief to get them down the hill.  I was able to get my Hazelton site operating on solar today with some help from Ron and Christina. Still need to move the antenna’s over from the old tower and take it down.

Good day to work on both sites.

Zach Belnap:  Had a successful day. Got all the batteries down. Still need to disassemble the wood shed and bring it down. Dates for that TBD. Thanks to Paul, Steve, Kelly, and Nicole for helping out!

2016_Eagle Pass Repeater Site Work

Ben, Steve, Brian, Zach and Dave Worked on Eagle Pass Repeater Site

Looking at the approaching storm at Eagle Pass repeater site.

Eagle Pass repeater site.

Looking down the hill at the parked cars from the repeater site.

A panorama of the distance landscape from Eagle Pass site.

Solar panel that powers the Eagle Pass repeater.

Wrestling with the solar panel.

September 24-25 2016 Double Dirty 30 Ultra Running Race  – Silverton, Colorado

Hams and non-hams worked communications in the side room of the Grand Imperial Hotel.

Dave working data during the race.

Mark teaching Trevor the ropes and how to use Mark’s new software system used to track the runners.

Jim, Carol and Dick taking information from the aid stations regarding the runners’ progress.

Dick taking information about run.

Susan from La Plata County working with Megan and emergencies.