Note:  HAM Testing is suspended until the Corona virus quarantine has been lifted.  In all likelyhood, the next testing will take place 0n September 11, 2o2o.

On Saturday, December 7, 2019, we had 6 people come out to our December testing session. All 6 achieved their desired goals!

We had two upgrades and 5 new Technicians!

Lurie, Nathan M — KE0WUP — Upgrade to General
Jackson DC, David C — KE0YQK — New Technician
Navratil, Brandon — KE0YQL — New Technician
Halford, Forrest D — KB5FDH — Upgrade to Amateur Extra
Fichtelman, Colin J — KL4YQ — New Technician
Christopher, Reid D — KE0YQM — New Technician
Christian, Kay — KE0YQN — New Technician

Quartzfest 2020: Check out the attached PDF that contains all of the information. http://durangoarc.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Quartzfest-2020-Flyer-v1.2.pdf

This past Saturday, we hosted a VE testing session for 5 applicants. I’m pleased to announce all 5 passed their desired exams. Congratulations!!!

September 19, 2019:  Check out the “For Sale” page for item for sale.

Regular Meeting: 7:00 pm at new location:

The location is the La Plata County Administration Building located at 1101 E 2nd Ave in Durango.Parking is available in the parking lot North of the building.

The entrance to the meeting room is adjacent to the parking lot.

VE Exam Results From John Kastak for the Test on July 27, 2019:

Mallalieu, Kent — KE0VZI — Upgrade to General

Halford, Forrest D — KI5FTI — New Technician

Shannon, David J — KE1DJS — Upgrade to Amateur Extra

Leahy, Patrick D — KE0WJI — New Technician

Heck, Darrell — K5RCX — Upgrade to Amateur Extra

VE Exam Results From John Kastak for the Test on June 8, 2019:

On Saturday, June 8, 2019, we held a Technician review class and testing session in Silverton, CO. I’m pleased to announce, every student in the class passed their Technician exam!!!

Since the testing session was open to the public, we also had some people who upgraded their licenses.  Congratulations to all who passed the exams!!!!

Dungan, Margaret A — KE0VYX — New Technician

Copenhagen, Ryan O — KE0VYY — New Technician

Hamilton, MIchelle J — KE0VYZ — New Technician

Custer Jr, Henry C — KE0VZA — New Technician

Heckman, Kevin L — KE0VZB — New Technician

Wilson, Paul B — KE0VZC — New Technician

Wegert, Jess L — KE0VZD — New Technician

Anderson, Corey A — KE0VZE — New Technician

Johnson, Adam W — KE0TVX — Upgrade to General

Johnson, Cressi E — KE0VZF — New Technician

Rock, Nathan D — KE0VZG — New Technician

Bloodworth, Benjamin C — KE0VZH — New Technician

Mallalieu, Kent — KE0VZI — New Technician

Morris, Jeremy W — KC0PRR — Upgrade to Amateur Extra

Thank you Paul!!!

Paul Staby (outgoing president) was presented a plaque for his outstanding leadership as president and involvement in the Durango Amateur Radio Club for the past 20 years at our February 13, 2019 meeting.  Thank you to David Bygel (our new president) for making arrangements for the plaque.

VE Exam Results for Test on March 30, 2019

Frost, Jennifer C — KE0PMM — Upgrade to Amateur Extra
Brush, Kelli M — KE0VEF — New Technician
Morris, Jeremy W — KC0PRR — CSCE & Admin Action Only
Morris, Ellen L — KE0VEG — New Technician
Shellhammer, Don M — KE0TVV — Upgrade to Amateur Extra
Wilson, Jonathan E — KE0VEH — New Technician
Ferrell-Carretey, Elliot J — KE0VEI — New Technician
Moore, Taylor E — KI5EAW — New General
Shannon, David J — KE0VEJ — New Technician
PARKER, BRUCE A — KE0VEK — New Technician
Spiller, Patricia R — KF5RCU — Upgrade to General
Ludke, Peter O — K0POL — Upgrade to Amateur Extra
Long, Benjamin H — KE0VEM — New Technician
Smith, Tyler R — KE0VEN — New Technician
Norman, David E — KE0VEO — New Technician
Smith, Richard M — KE0VEP — New Technician
Watson, Matthew C — KE0VEQ — New Technician
Fults, Douglas A — KE0VER — New Technician
Colyer, Tern — KE0VES — New Technician
Yount, Samuel J — KE0VET — New Technician
Zepeda, Christopher — KE0VEU — New Technician

Latest VE Testing Information

Testing Dates:   July 27, 2019, September 14, 2019

The Durango VE Team will be holding an Amateur Radio license testing session from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM. Session is open to all whether you’re testing for your first Amateur Radio license or you want to upgrade!

The “Durango VE Team Test Instructions” file, located in the “Files” section of our Facebook group has links to a number of on line resources, many free, which include flash cards and practice exams. Hint: Search “Durango VE Team” on Facebook.

It also answers a number of questions that people have had over the years, so look at that file and most questions will be answered. If you have a question that is not addressed in that file ask.

The file also has information and the link to obtain your FCC ID (FRN), which you will need to put on your application. Once you obtain your FRN that same file has the link to the testing registration page. Once you decide which test you are coming too please sign up ASAP.

Register at: https://goo.gl/forms/jArLBRBIpbN8WJku2

1 pm to 4 pm:  To  be held at Christ the King Lutheran Church, 495 Florida Road, Durango, CO 81301.  (Note: Walk-ins will only be accepted until 2:30 PM)

Cost:  Free

Bring Photo ID for new license.  If you are upgrading your current license, bring photo ID and any CSCE certificate.  Also bring a pencil and a simple calculator.

Pre-Registration is encouraged so we may have the paperwork ready to go when you come for your exam.

For more information and to pre-register, email us at : DurangoVETeam@gmail.com.

Durango Amateur Radio Club

The Durango Amateur Radio Club otherwise known as “DARC” is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the “Ham” hobby, public service and education for Ham radio operators of ages.  We also encourage youth to become Hams by working with our club members who represent a generational diversity and range of knowledge.

The club has been in existence for about 30 years and maintains 2 repeaters and a packet node. Please visit our “Repeaters and Frequencies ” page to see the list.

We want to welcome all people interested in Amateur Radio whether you have your license or are in the process of obtaining it.  Our club meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Christ the King Lutheran Church, 495 Florida Road at 7:00 pm.

We have several members who are willing to be an “Elmer” to those who are just getting started.

Please visit our “Newsletter” page and download Zach Belnap’s latest and fabulous newsletter.

Thanks to John Kastak, the club now has a Face Book page.  Please visit our page at:  https://www.facebook.com/Durangoarc/?ref=bookmarks and send us a “friend request.”

Club Participation At Public Service Events

Our club participates yearly in the following events:  Iron Horse Balloon Rally (Snow Down weekend), Iron Horse Bicycle Classic (Saturday on Memorial Day weekend), Hard Rock 100 (July in Silverton) and Silverton Ultra Marathon (August???).  Please go to our “Calendar” page on this site for dates, times and necessary information if you want to participate.

Emergency Response

Several club members work with La Plata Search and Rescue. Volunteers are welcome and encouraged to participate.  The club has also participated in other community emergencies such as the Missionary Ridge Fire.

Carol Lewin, Administrator, KC6ECO