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CQ CQ CQ NOTE:    Joint Durango / Totah Fox Hunt.

Join us on a Practice Fox Hunt.   Please read the following notes from both Darrell  “KR0PX” and Brooks “N5SXN” be advised there will be extra gear available  to use.

The location for the September 26 Saturday’s “test” hunt will be at the northern end of the Farmington Glade.  We will meet between 9 and 10 in the morning and will have several transmitters up and running.  It will be an all walk (no running) hunt, with some defined areas, so several folks can be hunting different frequencies at the same time.  Some extra DF equipment is available, so if yours is under construction, don’t worry.  We are calling it a “test” hunt so that we can relax and be a little more ready for the November 7 “real” hunt.

Directions: For the Durango people, it would be better to go to Aztec and turn right on 574, first light at the river.  Then go until you get to the Glade road.  It is less the 10 miles from Aztec.  The dirt road has some good sized ruts so a higher clearance vehicle would be better.   The hunt GPS location is: N 36.90302 W 108.10096  Darrell ”KE0PX”

Directions: from Farmington north on La Plata Highway (170) about 14 miles past Pinion Hills intersection, turn right (East) on Aztec connection (574) for about 5 miles. From Aztec, it would be north on Lightplant Road (574). Turn South onto Glade Road (1980) for a little less than a mile and turn right (West) at the cluster of oil field equipment, measuring houses, etc. for a very short distance.  We will be visible from the Glade Road.  The hunt GPS location is: N 36.90302 W 108.10096.

Our practice hunt Thursday afternoon 4 – 4:30 will continue to be at the south end of the glade off the Pinion Hills Bypass.  There is a gate closing off the Glade road from the south to the north in the middle of the Glade, so you can’t get to the hunt Saturday from the south end easily.

Fox Hunts are super opportunities for promoting the clubs to the younger generations. Looking forward to seeing you there. Pass it on.  Brooks “N5SXN”

hpe u come out es play Ray “KG0V”

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